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Now you can do a lot without any "sticker" or physical "shields" on your mobile phone - many of them being peddled by the typical orgonite® copycats, most of whom seem totally ignorant even of the the very basics as far as the functions of life energy (Chi, orgone) and DOR (deadly orgone) are concerned.  Now a bit more about how EMF's really act.

Yes, it is obvious by now and it is extremely easy to do !!! 

Your smartphone can project Chi Energy coming from a Chi Generator®: energy, which you can pull from from the Chi-Card®, which you set up as a wallpaper on your smartphone.  You know already how to feel it and how to change the taste of water.  This Chi energy (life force, prana, mana, orgone, etc.) has the function of an EMF shield, which naturally neutralizes the negative effects of the electromagnetic pollution coming from your mobile phone, from other items in your environment such as fluorescent light bulbs, microwave ovens and phone poles, and at the same time your connection with the Chi Energy from your Smartphone can also provide you with a great boost to your intellectual activity, creativity, Sports, Fitness, Body Building and Weight Loss. You can also charge water, beverages, food and supplements within a few minutes, when you put them next to your mobile phone.  A very nice additional feature is that you can use it to run apps of affirmation and manifestation right off your smartphone. Off our web sites you can also order pre-set individual designs such as rollover images representing your affirmations for manifestation, which you can run on the wallpaper background of your smartphone!

About EMF Pollution (electrosmog), DOR (deadly orgone energy), and geopathic stress zones

With his famous Oranur experiment, Wilhelm Reich intended to find and develop methods of using ORgone (life force) Against the effects of NUclear Radiation.  The effects of this experiment proved to be devastating on the surroundings of the experiment, and Reich realized the emergence of a form of life force that appeared to be rigidified, stale.  Reich labeled this energy DOR, or Deadly ORgone energy.  DOR had extremely negative effects upon the human organism and life forms in general, and an atmosphere of DOR causes an orgone accumulator to "foul up."  In other words, such an orgone accumulator became a source of DOR itself and it had to be dismantled.  Soon it became clear that, besides radioactive emanations, many frequencies of EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) transform orgone into its stale form of DOR.  Typically, fluorescent tubes that emit x-ray spectra and TV screens or computer monitors of the old type (not the LED of today) generate DOR, as is experienced by many people who are exposed to such devices for extended periods of time.  So-called geopathic stress zones have similar effects on the living organism as has DOR.  In fact, such stress zones behave very much like devices that emit DOR permanently.

Being confronted with the potential dangers of DOR, Karl Welz invented a DOR generator that enabled him to make controlled experiments.  The advantage of such a generator is that it can be turned off with ease, contrary to the orgone accumulator with radioactive material inside as Reich did in his Oranur experiment.  The effect of the DOR generator on the human being was evident immediately.  Within seconds, bystanders felt pain in their lymph nodes and felt weak, and some felt nauseous.  The situation, though, changed immediately when a pulsating orgone generator® that had not more than the strength of the JU 99 CE was brought close to the DOR generator.  Being exposed to the pulse of the orgone generator®, the DOR began to pulse itself again and changed into beneficial orgone energy.  Contrary to the claims of some copy cats of the Welz technology, orgonite®, which is a very effective orgone accumulating material that was invented by Karl Hans Welz, by itself has no effects in counteracting DOR.  In fact, like the Reichian orgone accumulators, such copycat orgonite can become a center of DOR itself, as quite a few people who purchased this type orgonite had to find out the hard way. 

In fact, in the DOR generator, orgonite® is a major contributing factor, or "ingredient," to actually transform orgone into DOR, just as the Reichian orgone accumulator was essential for the turning of orgone into DOR in Reich's ORANUR experiment.  Naturally, orgonite® is much more effective for this purpose and much smaller quantities are needed for massive generation of DOR.

With the pulsating orgone generator® close to it, the DOR that emanated from the DOR generator itself began to pulsate again and therefore it was immediately transformed into healthy orgone energy.
Furthermore, the fouled-up orgonite® too became healthy again. Consequently, the feeling of the atmosphere surrounding the device immediately changed from depressive-sickening to uplifting and healthy.  Reich was obviously correct when describing DOR as an orgone energy that has become stale and rigid.

We experienced similar effects when orgone generators® of the JU 99 CE type were brought into places that had heavy DOR present such as in rooms with lots of fluorescent lights, which nowadays many persons purchase for "environmental" reasons.  The atmosphere became agreeable almost immediately.

For personal use, i.e., to re-energize surroundings that are contaminated with DOR, one JU 99 CE or the AO 1100 is adequate for a house or apartment.  For more massive atmospheres of DOR, larger and more powerful equipment may be needed.  The AO 2000 as a permanent installation is excellent for such purposes. 

Naturally, you can also put an EMF shield (an EMF harmonizer) onto your Smartphone, and this is extremely easy! Most importantly, you can do this without any "sticker" or physical "shields" - many of them being peddled by orgonite® copycats who are totally ignorant even of the the very basics as far as the functions of life energy (orgone) and DOR are concerned: they simply are "alternative material marketers" whose main goal is to make money.

What's also very important, you can get the evidence of the power of this EMF shield, i.e., the Chi-Card®, which is set up as a wallpaper, or background of your smart phone, right away, and it is for free! 

Moreover by now you have the opportunity of keeping such a setup without paying a single cent, if you choose to do so, PLUS you can earn commissions from items purchased by persons of your downline !!!

All it takes at first is to get a free chi-card® from our free transfer test and follow instructions.  With this setup, Life Force for Your Body and Mind will radiate from your smartphone, and you can enjoy powerful results, no matter how far away you are from the Chi Generator®, which supplies this beneficial energy:  You can work with the same amount of power, whether you are just in another room in your home or half around the world !!!  Moreover, with apps or specific filters or rollover images, you can define the mode of its action, i.e., your desires, right on your smartphone - any time, anywhere!

This is so, because the Chi Generators® are the cutting edge equipment that can be a significant help in your achieving success and positive permanent change wherever you want to do so.  Moreover, connecting your smartphone to this energy is extremely easy, and, as I mentioned already, this energy on your smartphone also provides you with powerful EMF protection, i.e., this EMF shield counteracts and harmonizes any micro wave frequencies that are radiating from the cellular phone or from anywhere else.  In other words:  EMF protection for which you need none of those, sometimes quite expensive, "stickers" and physical "shields!"

Most imporantly, click here and you can get the evidence right now, plus you can get this protection and energy boost for free!

Send us an email and ask how you can have a free EMF shield on your smartphone!

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