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Yes !!! Now You can boost the power of Your Affirmations and Intentions
to achieve secure success !!!

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Yes !!!  Now you can boost your ATTITUDE and GENERAL OUTLOOK off your smartphone with the help of Chi-energy supported AFFIRMATIONS and consequently you can become the true elite in your field, in which you desire to be successful, be it profession, relationships, sports, etc.

This way you can also reduce insecurity and fear, transforming them into self-confidence and optimism with ease.

Moreover, you can boost performance and success of affirmations of other persons whom you want to help.

All of this certainly can help you to make it all the way to the TOP.

In other words:  quite naturally, the Chi-Card® as wallpaper on your smartphone and Chi Generator® in combination with AFFIRMATIONS is the ideal tool to improve your skills in general as well as in the activities of your choice.

You can use it to help improve your
redball  creativity,
redball  intellectual skills,
redball  popularity,
redball  charisma,
redball  stamina,
redball  endurance,
redball  precision,
redball  positive aggression (whenever needed, such as in sports), etc. 

The Equipment makes it very easy to maintain your routines, whether you are active in a professional situation or in any other activity, which you want to improve.

Moreover, as a result of the performance boost, your affirmations and the massive energy that you can get from the Chi Generator®, can boost your own confidence to the max.  Your positive attitude can increase then, and with this confidence you can achieve that which you plan to achieve.  Such confidence is an essential ingredient when it comes to developing strategies towards and attraction of success and positive permanent change.  A positive attitude like this also reduces and even eliminates potential fears of failure, which could influence the outcome of your aspirations negatively.

Your affirmations can gain an enormous efficiency and much better results when boosted with the Chi energy coming from your mobile phone, when the Chi-Card® is set up there as a background or “wallpaper.”  You can set up your free test before you decide for a permanent setup according to one of the options which we are offering. 

Simply click here and get the evidence you wanted right away with your FREE chi transfer test setup.  Then put the Chi-Card® onto your mobile phone as a wallpaper and perform the tests.  This is for free! 

We also offer Approaches for the manifestation APPS, which you can download.

Besides effectively counteracting and reversing the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies in your environment with the Chi-Card® as wallpaper of your mobile phone, you can set up your Chi-Card® boosted affirmations for a multitude of things you want to attract:  Things which none of the “stickers” or other contraptions on mobile phones can do. 


2.1.  Chi-Card® boosted affirmations for family and children

2.2.  Chi-Card® boosted love and sex appeal

2.3.  Chi-Card® boosted gaming and gambling

2.4.  Chi-Card® boosted Sports Performance, sports teams and sports competitions

2.5.  Chi-Card® boosted business and office

2.6.  Chi-Card® boosted marketing

2.7.  Chi-Card® boosted affirmations for politics and leadership and popularity

2.8.  Chi-Card® boosted plants and agriculture

2.9.  Chi-Card® boosted pet care, animal care

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